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Newborn Care | Keeping Your Baby Healthy and Happy

Parenting is a wonderful and beautiful journey and Pediatrics On Demand is your go-to for assisting you with your child’s healthcare needs. From wellness checks to full assessments, Pediatrics On Demand offers a variety of care services when it comes to supporting the health of your newborn child. Our newborn care services are offered for newborns up until they are three months old. After three months of age, our pediatric team can treat them accordingly as infants. Our pediatric clinic is here to help parents feel confident that their newborn babies are treated with gentle and caring hands.

Our Newborn Care Services

Whether you are a first-time parent or are in need of your newborn to be checked, our pediatric doctors provide newborn care and medical advice, all in one. The neonatal services we provide consist of the following:

  • Feeding and Breastfeeding

    You can expect preparation and feeding to occupy a fair amount of time with your baby over the first month. Once you have begun breastfeeding, it is extremely helpful to establish a routine for getting ready to regularly nurse your newborn. Before breastfeeding, it recommended that you wash your hands and gather everything you might need (cleaning and burping cloths) beforehand.

    If you do not intend on breastfeeding, there are specific things to know when it comes to bottle-feeding. Infant formulas are sold in three different forms: ready-to-use, concentrated liquid, and powder. Formula should be given at room temperature. Warming a bottle can be done with warm running water or with a bottle warmer.

  • Sleeping

    For naptime and sleeping, you can place your newborn to sleep once he or she is warm, dry, and not hungry. Babies should sleep directly on their backs with no pillows or soft bedding. Swaddling is recommended.

  • Bathing

    When bathing your newborn, it is important that you have a soft washcloth, no-tears shampoo, and a full-sized towel. It is vital to always keep an eye on the temperature. Your newborn may not be placed in the water until the cord falls off. The head is to be washed first and the diaper area last. Baby lotion and hand cream can be applied after being completely rinsed and dry and for soothing skin.

  • Umbilical Cord Care

    The cord is expected to dry and fall off completely anywhere from 1-3 weeks. After bathing, it is recommended to clean the cord with rubbing alcohol with cotton balls or Q-tips. When the cord falls off, you can clean the area with alcohol. Position the diaper below the cord and leave the cord uncovered.

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Pediatrics On Demand offers newborn screenings that assess hearing loss, PKU, congenital heart disease, congenital hypothyroidism, galactosemia, sickle cell disease, red blood cell disorder, amino acid disorder, and many more. We provide detailed screenings for patients to detect if there’ are any underlying issues that we can address early on and treat appropriately. Contact our team of pediatricians today to learn more about what our newborn care services offer for you and your child and to make an appointment.

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