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Telemedicine and Telehealth: A Digital Solution for Pediatric Care

Available at Pediatrics on Demand & Minis Pediatric

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many businesses to reconsider the way in which they deliver their services.

In order to further protect patients and families, Pediatrics on Demand and Minis Pediatric has implemented telemedicine and telehealth services to continue providing health care for your little ones. Telemedicine utilizes innovative methods of health assessments and doctor-to-patient consultations with the help of modern technology. Thanks to our telehealth services, patients won’t have to visit our office to receive the comprehensive medical care they require. If your child is in need of medical care, then our staff of medical experts is here to help. 

Our Telemedicine Services

Pediatrics On Demand and Minis Pediatric are proud to offer premier telemedicine and telehealth solutions for our patients’ pediatric needs. Our services include the following:

Virtual/video doctor visits and appointments

  • Our medical professionals can schedule a video call or a phone call for appointments, follow-ups, and other medical visits. Diagnosis and treatments can also be discussed in these conferences. 

Patient monitoring

  • If your child has a long-term illness, we can plan accordingly to ensure that medical assistance is regularly provided throughout the time they spend resting and fighting off their illness. Streamlining care is conducted by our board-certified pediatric doctors and medical assistants. 

Remote healthcare

  • Check-ups outside our medical facility are analyzed in a timely manner to prescribe medications and health plans. Through our remote healthcare systems, we keep patient data on file to make appointments and doctor visits faster. 

Online payments

  • Our online portal allows the parents of our patients to easily make payments and enter their insurance information for immediate payments. If you have any questions regarding the insurance we accept and work with, contact us for more information. 

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What to Expect from Telehealth

Now that telehealth is being heavily utilized, you can expect our services to be of the highest quality. Our telehealth services are designed to be quick and responsive, efficient, and provide patients the medical care they need, whether they are at home or on the go. Additionally, our telehealth providers aim to collaborate more to constantly enhance the quality of our telehealth services. We want the families of our patients to be able to access and work with our systems at ease. 

How Families Can Benefit from Telehealth

Families and parents can experience a wide range of benefits through telehealth. Since virtual healthcare doesn’t require patients to visit the clinic, it decreases the risk of contracting a virus or infection when going out in public. Furthermore, we understand that parents have other errands to accomplish, in addition to attending to their child’s needs. With a quick doctor visit on your laptop or computer screen, you don’t have to go out of your way. We can provide the medical services your family deserves remotely!

No Matter Where You Are, Our Doctors Can Help

We’re here to do the work for you, even at a distance! Our doctors continue to work diligently in our clinic while you’re at home. We are here to prepare prescriptions, care plans, and much more. The same applies to newborn care. We understand that the health of your newborn needs to be monitored regularly and carefully. Whether you’re at home, out of town, or constantly on the go, we can provide you with the healthcare you need, nonetheless. 

Get Started With the Best Pediatric Telehealth Services of Illinois

Through telemedicine, you can get the urgent and primary pediatric care your children need without leaving the comfort and safety of home. If you want to learn more about how our telemedicine services can help your child’s health, don’t hesitate to contact Pediatrics on Demand or Minis Pediatric today to learn more.