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Detecting and Treating Chickenpox With the Experts at Pediatrics On Demand

Chickenpox, or the VZV/varicella-zoster virus, is one of the most common illnesses for children ages two through twelve. However, while it is most common in young children, people of all ages may experience chickenpox. The most common sign and an indication of chickenpox is a series of itchy, spotted spaces appearing to be small blisters across the body. Over the course of several days, the blisters can begin to pop and leak. No child deserves to undergo the pain of that which accompanies chickenpox, so Pediatrics On Demand provides treating chickenpox as one of our major services.

Learn More About the Chickenpox Virus

The medical professionals at Pediatrics On Demand are well equipped to work with children of all ages suffering from chickenpox.

  • Chickenpox can spread as early as two days prior to the rash appearing all the way through the final blister completely healing
  • The chickenpox virus is highly contagious; it can spread through airborne means or through direct contact with an infected person
  • It is vital to treat the symptoms as soon as they first appear
  • Children who have never had chickenpox before and have not been vaccinated are the most at risk for contracting the virus

Signs and Symptoms of Chickenpox

There are countless symptoms associated with this childhood disease. Some of the most popular chickenpox symptoms that children include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Stomachache
  • Blisters/rash across the body

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Chickenpox Treatment Options

Our pediatric team may prescribe antibiotics if your child’s chickenpox sores become infected. This occurs when children itch the sores so often that they break open and allow other bacteria to get inside the wounds. Tylenol may also help with symptoms of high temperature and pain. Antiviral medication may also be prescribed. Above all, parents should always make sure that, along with medication, their children are at home resting and consuming plenty of fluids.

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Complications while fighting chickenpox can worsen and children can develop more serious infections. Pediatrics On Demand advises all parents to have their children seen as soon as possible when noticing signs of chickenpox-like symptoms. Contact the Pediatrics On Demand urgent care center to make an appointment and to receive more information on how we can assist your child for better health.